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We use chocolate chunks
(not chips)
unsalted butter, wheat flour,
cane sugar and fresh eggs.


We mix the cookie dough in our
kitchen just outside Oxford.
Then it travels to our stores
all around the world. 


Every day, we do the best we
can to make something that
people really love
and we let them do the talking

What’s your flavour?

Ben’s Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Chunk

A sophisticated cookie for sophisticated people. Perfect for late night conversations, bearded academics and lovers of red wine. For French cinema, Italian opera and Danish television dramas.

Double Chocolate Chunk

A favourite among logical thinkers. Not as extravagant as the triple chocolate, but still more chocolatey than milk chocolate chunk. A lot of thought has gone into this.

Triple Chocolate Chunk

This rich cookie has a lifestyle to match his flavour. Passions include driving fast cars, flying private jets and chocolate, of course.

White Chocolate Chunk

Like a princess from a bygone age, this cookie is pure elegance. A very popular choice but (whisper it quietly), she can be a bit of a diva.

Milk Chocolate Chunk

The original. The daddy of cookies. Cookies are like Star Wars; the first ones are the best.

Ben’s More Than Chocolate

Matcha & White Chocolate

She is different, uniquely beautiful inside out. Wakes up at the crack of dawn and does yoga all morn, her zen-ergy makes all the other cookies green with envy.

Milk Chocolate, Fruit & Nut

This consistently delicious cookie is a real creature of habit. Friends once convinced him to try changing his name to 'Nut and Fruit' but he didn't like that and changed it back almost immediately.

Double Chocolate & Nut

This cookie doesn't lack for confidence. Double chocolate and nuts, sure it's nice, but it's all he talks about! Still, if you were made from the finest chocolate and nuts I guess you'd tell people about it too.

Dark Chocolate & Ginger

From the Scottish Highlands, this fiery cookie will give you strength. Makes for a bold, warming flavour.

White Chocolate & Cranberry

In winter this cookie can be found wrapped in furs, cross country skiing through the Alps, occasionally yodeling. If you're ever feeling festive, even mid-summer, then this is the one for you.

White Chocolate & Macadamia

Not everyone in the prestigious white chocolate family acts like they’re royalty. This cookie is a down-to-earth character with a nutty sense of humour - the pranks played on his sister White Chocolate are legendary.

Dark Chocolate & Nuts

Hailing from the Amazon Rainforest, this mysterious cookie is seriously tempting. He's been known to induce people into a cocoa trance, but then he did use to practice as a Shaman.

Milk Chocolate & Praline

A deep thinker, a philosopher and a poet. He paints, sculpts and stares longingly at the stars. He may not be the most macho cookie but the ladies still melt for him.

Milk Chocolate & Peanuts

This confident cookie has been likened to John Travolta in 'Grease'. He's hunky, chocolate-chunky and has many a multiplyin' move. Want me to tell you more?

Milk Chocolate & Orange

This cookie will fill your head with warm sunny afternoons and the distant strumming of a Spanish guitar. If you close your eyes, you can consider that a very small holiday.

Ben’s Non Chocolate

Caramelised Crunch

A devilish, sophisticated, caramelizing pleasure, and as bewitching as she is beautiful - one bite is all it takes, you’ll never forget her, her flavour will be in your head forever!

Ginger Ginger

This proud cookie won’t answer to the name of Ginger. It’s Ginger Ginger, double the goodness, double the fiery flavour. So nice they named him twice.

Oatmeal & Raisin

Wholesome and energetic, this cookie is the hiker of the group. Raised in the hills, she joined us to prove that cookies taste even better if you put the work in.

Peanut Butter

This cool cookie has a flavour as smooth as a Miles Davis trumpet solo.


The most laid back cookie you're likely to meet, bringing calm Caribbean vibes to counter the madness of modern life. Enjoy at your own pace.

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