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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequent questions we get asked by customers and fans.

If you have a question but the answer isn’t here then please send us a message.

Who is Ben?

Ben is the son of Helge Rubinstein, the founder of Ben’s Cookies in 1983. Her very good friend Sir Quentin Blake, sketched our logo featuring Ben all those years ago.

What's in a Ben's cookie?

Only the finest ingredients sourced as locally as possible.

Where are the cookies made?

All the dough is made in our kitchens just outside Oxford and then transported to each store where the cookies are freshly baked throughout the day.

Do you do mail order cookies?

We deliver to mainland England, Wales and Scotland. You can now order online for (UK) Nationwide delivery benscookies.com/shop

Are our cookies suitable for vegetarians?

Our cookies are suitable for vegetarians and we now offer vegan cookies too. Our vegan range is steadily developing and we will introduce more delicious vegan flavours soon.

Does our butter contain Bovine Growth Hormone?

Our butter is free from bovine growth hormone (also known as BGH).

What chocolate is used in our cookies?

Our cookies contain the best quality chocolate. We source our White chocolate direct from Belgium and our Dark and Milk chocolate comes from a Swiss/Belgian company manufactured in the UK.

How long do Ben's Cookies last?

A Ben’s cookie is best eaten within 4 days of purchase.

Is our chocolate fair trade?

Our chocolate is not fair trade.

Can our cookies be frozen?

Yes they can be frozen and eaten at a later date, we recommend freezing them no longer than 3 months.

What is the nutritional breakdown of our cookies?

See nutritional information here.

Are our cookies suitable for coeliacs?

Unfortunately our cookies are unsuitable for coeliacs as they contain wheat flour.

Are our cookies safe for people with peanut allergies or other nut allergies?

Our cookies are unsuitable for people with nut allergies as all the dough is mixed in a factory which uses nuts.

Do our cookies contain hydrogenated fats?

No our cookies are free from hydrogenated fats.

Do our cookies contain palm oil?

Yes our cookies contain certified sustainable palm oil, as a sub-ingredient of the margarine we use. It is also an ingredient in the Peanut Butter cookies.

Are the cookies alcohol free?

All the cookies are alcohol free, except the rum and raisin cookies at Christmas.

Are the cookies free from Shellac?

Yes, all our cookies are free from Shellac.

Questions about your (UK) Nationwide order?

Email us at [email protected] or read our Nationwide Shipping Policy here.

Do you accept cash in your UK stores?

Most of our stores are only accepting card and contactless payments. Please check our stores page for details.